At our Omaha family law practice, we protect our clients’ legal interests, help them make informed decisions and handle the legal matters so they can concentrate on getting through the life changes that come with divorce. Recently, we wrote in this space about recognizing that all relationships evolve and change, including marriages, and that this understanding can help in the transition of separation and divorce.

Today, some thoughts on healthy recovery after divorce. In a new article in Divorce Magazine, life coach and author Karen Kristjanson concludes that while it will be hard, focusing on strategies for healthy survival after divorce not only gets the individual through difficult times, but also deepens their “strength and resilience that will be part of [them] for the rest of [their] life.”

Strategies Kristjanson recommends include:

  • Acceptance: Avoiding or denying the marital breakdown will not make it go away and prolonging a bad situation is not healthy. Start to talk about it with “someone trustworthy and kind” and begin to see it with clarity.
  • Perspective: Use positive self-talk. The situation is “not a forever condition.”
  • Needs assessment and planning: Evaluate your short- and long-term needs, both practical (financial, residential, child-related) and personal (support, exercise, nutrition, alone time, spiritual, leisure). Start to make concrete plans to meet these needs. It won’t all happen at once, but step by step.
  • Nurture yourself and your kids: Find healthy ways to work through difficult feelings. Keep calm and show strength to your children as much as possible. Fake it until you make it for their sake and to help them through this.

We are here to support our clients through the entire process and will work hard to get them to the next phase of life.