At our law firm, we have seen so many different family situations and reasons that marriages end. If you are contemplating divorce, you should know that your experiences in marriage are probably not completely unique, even if it seems that no one could ever imagine the truth you face.

You may feel a high level of stress, but some people also feel relief. It is important to face and work through negative feelings like anger, sadness, guilt, shame, bewilderment, fear or whatever emotions come up. Sometimes it is a good idea to work with a counselor, therapist or clergy, or maybe a divorce support group. Talk to trusted friends and family. Getting to the other side of the experience is often a journey with twists and turns along the way, but you will establish a new normal.

In a recent opinion piece in Fatherly, the contributing author shares his belief that its not realistic to expect a relationship to last for decades — that if a marriage does last for life, it is a great accomplishment and a gift, but that when a marital relationship breaks down, it is probably the normal evolution of the relationship.

The author emphasizes that being honest about the fact that marriages often end in divorce should lessen the “stress, anguish, and … guilt-ridden and shame-inducing delusion that divorce is a failure.” He also believes that what was once marital love may change into a different relationship and that this kind of change is normal. This recognition can lessen the resentment, anger and even the “fire aimed at a partner” into a calmer breakup.

We wish our clients and anyone going through divorce peace and strength on the journey. We will handle the legal end of things, giving you more time and energy to tend to yourself and your children at this crucial time.