Decades Of Advocacy For The Rights Of Fathers

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When you think about it, it is offensive that the phrase fathers’ rights ever needed to be coined. More than twenty years ago, while working for and apprenticing with Mr. Mark Cohen, I noticed how the two words “fathers’ rights” in his tiny phone book advertisement brought a significant number of fathers to our office, all with the same story: “Every other attorney I spoke to said, ‘You don’t have a chance,’ ‘The judge will be angry with you if you go for custody’ or ‘The mother needs to be a drug addict for you to get custody.'” I am proud to report that we won, and continue to win, custody for many of these fathers.

I recall my colleagues in the legal community at the time warning me, “You will lose the business of women” or “You will annoy the judges with this fathers’ rights stuff.” Success in the prosecution of these cases, the gratitude of happy families and the raft of family rights- based firms that have emerged since then have vindicated my decision to take up those hard cases — cases for fathers who deserved to have custody.

Today, you will find firms that advertise that they advocate for family rights, men’s rights, grandparents’ rights, dads’ rights and moms’ rights. At Higgins Law, we are proud to say that we are not just a recent addition to this trend, but one of its founders — advocates who took up the cause of fathers’ rights in Nebraska before it was popular.

Dedicated To Protecting The Rights Of All Parents

Protecting your rights as a father is just one thing to consider as you create a comprehensive plan after your divorce. We will make sure you do what is best for your children when it comes to child custody and visitation as well as child support concerns. Our firm is equally dedicated to protecting the rights of Omaha mothers and fathers who are dedicated to being good parents. In the end, gender is not the point of fathers’ rights. It is about fairness and allowing both parents to have a say in raising their children and children’s right to be raised in the best possible environment, be that with father or mother.

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