Decree Modifications

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Things change. Such is the reality of life. Should the circumstances of your life change and you are living under the discipline of a divorce decree or decree of Paternity, you may find that the terms of those orders are no longer "in the best interest of your children" or are no longer "just and equitable." Recognizing that this is the case, we at Higgins Law are well-equipped to first determine if petitioning the court for a modification of your decree is tenable and, if so, similarly well-equipped to effectively prosecute such a request with the court.

As most changes to decrees are rarely applied retroactively, it is prudent to consult a qualified attorney to determine when the best time to act is. We at Higgins Law will help you access whether or not now is the time to act and to develop a plan of action to reset your decree so that it remains fair and in your children's best interests.

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