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There is more to a paternity action than the factual determination of the identity of the father of a particular child and what amount of support that a father ought to pay. For example, it is not well known that if a putative father does not acknowledge a child as his own and does not sue for custody, he may be barred by the statute of limitations to sue for custody within the time prescribed by law regardless of whether or not he is, in fact, the child's biological father — though his obligation to pay support, however, persists until the child reaches the age of emancipation.

Did you sign an acknowledgment of paternity? Does your name appear on the child's birth certificate? Ought you to pay the mother of the child any monies directly? The answers to these and a host of other questions have serious legal consequences not obvious to the lay person. At Higgins Law, we have two decades of experience dealing with paternity cases of whatever character they might be: filed by the state's child support enforcement attorney or by independent counsel or coupled with custody and visitation issues.

Every paternity case is different, and we understand that your situation is unique. We know how hard this can be for our clients so we offer empathetic counsel during this uncertain time for mothers and fathers of all ages. Having handled hundreds of paternity cases, we also know where to look for solutions.

Dedicated to helping all individuals and all types of families, we protect the rights of both new mothers and "possible" fathers during this difficult time.

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