Child Support: How It Affects Your Situation

At Higgins Law, we handle child support cases, custody agreements, including parenting plans and all other matters concerning children and family law. We can also help with child support modifications in Nebraska. Our attorneys work with parents going through divorce and child support lawsuits that are not in conjunction with divorce or custody agreements.

Child Support And Divorce

Like much else in the law, the general concept of "child support" is easy to state: When one party is tasked with care of the children to a greater extent than that of the other parent and those parents do not live together in the same home, the parent providing the majority of the care is entitled to monetary support from the away parent. Such payments are set by the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines.

That, however, is not the end of the matter. The actual amount of support you may pay or receive may only be accurately calculated after consideration of the following (nonexhaustive) list of factors:

  • Number of days child(ren) are in the care of each parent
  • Number of nights child(ren) are in the care of each parent
  • Whether or not either party has other children to support
  • Whether or not the custodial arrangement is sole, joint or split
  • Consideration of overtime or second jobs
  • Travel expenses
  • Medical insurance expense
  • Retirement contributions
  • Tax liability and exemptions
  • Exempt income
  • Business income
  • Bonuses
  • Recent increases or decreases in income
  • Day care expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Bankruptcy obligations
  • Student loan obligations

If faced with a child support modification (or the establishment of an initial support order), you can make no better choice than Higgins Law.

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