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Among the many misconceptions that lay persons have regarding the law, one of the most common is the meaning of the term "no fault." Most of these misconceptions have to do with thinking that "no fault" means that a divorce may be had with little court involvement or that one party's bad acts are not relevant to any aspect of a domestic relations case. Further, many additionally confuse "no fault" with "uncontested."

It used to be the case that in order to get a divorce, you had to prove abuse, abandonment, neglect or some other offense against the marriage. This need for the showing of "fault" has been removed by the statutory law; you no longer need to show a good reason for the court to give a divorce — only that you want one. This removal of the need to prove "fault" is where the phrase and concept of "no-fault" divorce came from. That, however, is not the end of the story regarding "fault": Misbehavior and bad acts that touch on child custody, the division of debts and spousal support are still relevant to one degree or another. These bad acts are the stuff of contested divorces.

An uncontested divorce, by contrast, is one where the parties agree to the terms of a divorce: Asking the court to endorse their settled agreement by making the terms of their agreement the terms of the divorce, they are said to be not contesting its terms — hence, the term "uncontested."

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